A collection of Great Garden Inspired Art

According to my contact in the secret world of Internets, April is “Garden Month.” I’m not sure if my contact is correct, or if he just enjoys the James Bond feeling that he gets when he passes information to me on innocuous bits of paper slipped under my office door.

Either way, April seems like an appropriate month to celebrate gardens. With the beginning of spring in the Northern Hemisphere bringing glorious buds of colour and new life, you can’t help but smile at the beauty of nature. Those of us with gardens in the Southern Hemisphere are turning our thoughts to preparing for the winter cold. Those like myself with not-so-green-thumbs are acknowledging the fact that it’s approaching the time to think about pruning the roses, and wondering if this will be the year that my unskilled pruning will send my ancient roses to compost.

Garden Month wouldn’t be complete without a selection of great garden-themed art from our community, so we’ve rustled up a small collection of some of the finest garden-inspired works by RB artists.

Do the changing seasons inspire you to produce new work? Are you a little more peaceful when you’re sitting in the garden? Do you have any garden-themed works of your own? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Neighbourly Gesture by vickymount

Agapanthus in Abundance by Dianne English

Cats With Sunflowers by sandygrafik

Little Hampton Court 4 by Jon Harbottle

The Oak Shee by JBMonge

How Delicate This Balance by Laurie Search

Gnome fights back by Chris Harrendence

The Winter Tree by Christine Wilson

Blossom Bird by Terry Fan

We have ignition by Mrs Mel Brackstone

Bird Topiary Hedge by Donnahuntriss

Happiness by Lady Tory

Spring and Polkadots/ Fashion Illustration by Mariska

Muscari by Priska Wettstein

Song of the Grass by Maria Nikolaeva

Illusion Tree by Yanmos

Tulip by Justart

Falling Petals by Annya Kai

Spring by Catrin Welz-Stein

Blossom by Squirrell

Originally published on the Redbubble Community Team Blog. - A curated gallery of Redbubble art celebrating the changing of the seasons.

Written by Rosemary and curated by Rosemary & Jen.

[A collection of Great Garden Inspired Art]