Curating for the Fringe Finale

With the final episode of the popular sci-fi TV show Fringe fast approaching, an exhibition was curated by Gallery 1988 in celebration of the event. Fans of the sci-fi series Fringe are gearing up for the excitement of the show finale as it screens this week on the 18th of January. To celebrate the success of the show and its unique brand of crime of the weird, bizarre, and paranormal, Gallery 1988 has crowd-curated a new collection of works inspired by the show.

Fans were asked to vote for their preferred of 31 episodes. From the voted episodes, the top six then served as inspiration for fan artists to create their own works about the show.

On speaking of the motivation behind the exhibition owner and curator of Gallery 1988 Jensen Karp says “We’re always looking for TV shows or movies that elicit the same type of passion our artists have for their personal artwork. Fringe warrants super fandom. We’re happy to show the creators and writers who created this universe what their work has inspired.”

The works are a great tribute to the show, the complexities of the characters, the intricately woven plots and to the fans who have happily given a part of their lives to the pleasure of tuning in once a week since 2008.

Thanks to Wired and Galleries Nineteen Eighty Eight

Are you a fan of the Fringe Division? Perhaps you have a favourite episode or have some big plans for finale night. We’d love you to share with us in the original blog.
Rosemary, Redbubble Community Manager - The Magenta Marauder

Originally published on the Redbubble Community Team Blog - January 2013 - Curating for the Fringe Finale