I'm not good with a phone

I really hate using the phone. I really do. That's not to say I don't love my smart phone. I'm a nerd - I love all the gadgetry that a smartphone gives me access to. Teeny little computer right there in my pocket - awesome!

But when it comes to actually speaking to people, actually making or taking a call, I hate it. It makes me grimace, puts frown lines all across my forehead and in serious situations turns my stomach and gives me a headache.

I've never understood that female need to chat for hours about things that seem to hold no real significance. How do women find conversation topics for such a long time? My Mother can talk for 6 hrs of the day to 3 different people. Luckily she's now retired, but I wonder where she finds the energy to maintain that level of interaction. It's not something I could ever do.

Here's the thing - I don't know when to respond on the phone. I'm not good at reading faces at the best of times, so when I can't see a persons face, I'm really not sure when I'm expected to speak in the conversation. Is it my turn now? I just don't know. Tone of voice isn't always clear to me. I don't tend to get jokes straight away. If I can't see someones face, can't see that they're smiling, chances are I'm not going to know that they're kidding. That can lead to awkward moments on the phone.

The one good thing is I just don't have to deal with this very often. Most people in my life are used to the fact that I'm not a phone talker and don't call me unless it's important. They certainly don't call me for long, extended, inane chatter.

Hooray for that.