Playboy first edition in reprint

As a young child I grew up discovering torn and faded Playboy magazines hidden beneath the floorboards of the abandoned house we used to play in. We'd flick through the pages wide-eyed and giggling, wondering at the reasons for such a magazine. 

As a teen I had learned of the reasons for Playboy, but still wondered at the types of women who appeared in the pages, and also at the types of males who seemed to possess such reverent adoration of what lay within.

As an adult I'm happy to say that my childhood curiosity and wonder at the sexuality within the pages of Playboy magazines and their like has been replaced by understanding and acceptance that that the world is made up of all types of people with vast tastes, preferences, and identities.

When I recently discovered that the very first edition of Playboy had gone into reprint I rushed off to buy one as soon as possible - and I'm so excited about it!

My giggly childhood wonder has been replaced by the ooh's and aah's of someone in love with the style and simplicity of days gone by, a person enamoured of the beauty of women who were stunningly beautiful in a way so vastly different to the accepted beauty norms of today.


Playboy has reprinted 20,000 copies of it's inaugural issue - December 1953 - as part of it's 60th anniversary celebrations.

This edition is an exact replica of Playboy's first issue in most every way - with every article, every advertisement and photograph reproduced exactly. But it's not only the content that is the same. They've also included the heavy paper stock and ink, giving a beautiful satin lustre to each page.  

The magazine has been using glue to bind the pages since the late 80's, but this edition has staples, just as it was in 1953. (One change seems to be the use of 3 staples. I believe 2 staples were used in the early days)

Of course, the Playboy first edition wouldn't be what it is without Marilyn Monroe. She appears both on the cover and as the featured Sweetheart of the Month. 

There's a Sherlock Holmes story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, featuring an illustration by William L. Marsh of Det. Holmes injecting cocaine into his arm - an illustration that I imagine would have raised quite a few eyebrows in 1953. 


For those readers who think that Playboy wouldn't be Playboy without pages loaded with somewhat sexist, bawdy, leery jokes and games can rest easy - the First edition has plenty, and all presented with the irreverence of an "I'm thumbing my nose at you" attitude. For example, they refer to Marilyn Monroe as "very well stacked". (Ugh, I cringe!)

The reprinted magazine will be on sale through July 7, so if you don't have your copy yet I'd suggest rushing off to find one before this weekend is over.

If your local magazine store doesn't have one in stock you can find copies are also available at Amazon and try looking at the Playboy Magazine Store online