quotables - Edward Hopper

I always find the words of others to be inspiring - even those words that are hurtful and hateful can be an eye-popping motivation to strive to be a better person. 

With that in mind I'm going to regularly post a quote by other creatives that I've found to be thought-worthy.

To kick things off here's one from Edward Hopper. I wanted to begin with this one because it rings particularly true for me. 

I've never, ever been good at the spoken word. Ask me to speak to more than one person at once, and I feel like I'm addressing a stadium full of people - and all of them with their full attention on me. I instantly become a mumbling, stumbling, ineloquent, blushing puddle of inadequacy, completely incapable of saying what I want to say.

My drive to create by way of painting, drawing and doodling have always been the only way that I've felt able to fully express my feelings, thoughts and troubles when the words have never been there for me.

Cheers to Edward Hopper for understanding that need to express through painting :)

hopper 1.png
hopper 2.png