Supanova - get your nerd on in 2011

Last weekend we piled into the car and drove to Brisbane for our yearly fix of Supanova – the Pop Culture Expo that is a haven for nerds and an all round fun day out if you enjoy people watching.

Supanova is a little hard to describe if you’ve never been before. If you like all things Pop Culture, TV, movies, comics, if you’re a gamer, an illustrator, if anime is your thing, if you know the difference between a Colonial Viper MKII and a Colonial Viper MKVII, if you feel you share an empathetic bond with an Ood or two, if you like to dress up in lycra or like to look at other people who like to dress up in lycra, then Supanova is for you.

In my excitement I had moments of forgetting to check my camera settings, but as I was there primarily in the capacity of nerd, not photographer, I think I can be forgiven that minor transgression. Here’s some of what we saw :

I’m not sure who this guy is supposed to be, so I’m calling him “Shiny Tin Man”, and I’m giving him great kudos for effort. This costume is made of metal, he couldn’t bend over, he couldn’t sit down, and he spent his entire lunch break leaning against a concrete wall looking extremely stiff & uncomfortable. Nice effort Shiny Tin Man!

Considering my children are huge Star Wars fans, Obi Wan Kenobi was a highlight when he sauntered our way with some other unknown Jedi type in his company.

This blurry, hurriedly snapped shot is to illustrate to you that you can all put down your books and stop searching, because as you can see, I’ve found Wally! That's "Waldo" for those of you from parts of the world other than Australia.

This wonderful specimen of lycra and gold painted cardboard is none other than Captain Falcon, the poster boy for the Nintendo F-Zero game series. Captain F, your costume is a true work of art, and gave me endless chuckles throughout the day. I salute you!

Wolverine, as you’re not actually looking into the sun I must say I’m a little disappointed that you didn’t open your eyes for my shot. What’s that you say? You’re dazzled by your own rugged good looks and the glint off your blades? Well, maybe so…. but opening eyes would have been nice all the same. I’m just saying…

This, for the uninitiated is a Nazgûl. Not, just any Nazgûl, but the Lord of the Nazgûl, the Witch king of Angmar. He plays a rather significant role in the Lord of the Rings story, but took time out from doing the Dark lord Sauron's dirty deeds (and from getting his ass kicked by a woman) to join us at Supanova which was mighty nice of him.

This girl informed us that she is The Doctor. But of course she is! To be honest with you, by the time she’d finished her rather bizarre head to toe, back to front, inside both ears inspection of my children with her sonic screwdriver I’d decided that with her odd-yet-strangely-endearing behaviour she might actually be the Doctor in his next regeneration. What’s to stop him regenerating into a female body? Is that even possible? I’m sure somebody will tell me. I told The Doctor that she actually looked a lot like Miss Pond which made things somewhat confusing, a fact she informed me she was well aware of.

If you were alive in the 80’s you should know that this is the DeLorean from the Back to the Future movies. If you don’t know, you’ve just dropped huge brownie points.

For the person who recently asked me “what’s the Flux Capacitor”?, It’s the thing that makes time travel possible (actually, it’s the “other” thing – let’s not forget The Tardis), and you’ll find it in this car, just between & behind the headrests.

Speaking of The Tardis, this girl has the right idea. When you’re racing all about in time and space it must be awfully difficult at times to remember where you left The Tardis. Surely you’ll never lose it if you’re wearing it! Well….. the chances are less likely at least.

Even Batman, the best equipped of all the superheroes, needs to queue for cash at the ATM at Supanova. I can’t say he looks overly impressed by it. I imagine he’ll be having words with Alfred about making sure his tool belt is well stocked next time.

Nice use of the lycra there Bats…. and tell me please, is that Green Lantern copping a feel of your firm, lycra clad buttock?

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Rosemary Scott