Trianglify - yet another way to make beautiful art on the internet

I discovered Trianglify a week ago, and it took approximately 2.5 seconds for it to make me it's loyal servant for life - or at least until the next pretty shiny arty thing that the www presents to me. 

So, what is Trianglify? Made by web developer Quinn Rohlf, Trianglify is an open source program that generates colourful triangle meshes. Not satisfied with being just be a pretty web based program, it even lets you download the images as  SVG's!

If I'm to leave you with any lasting, sage words at this point, I'll just say, take care - Trianglify is addictive! I don't know why, but the urge to repeatedly click on the "click for a new pattern" button is immense. Each pattern is so pretty, and soothing.... calming... restorative....

Well, as I said, take care - and above all, enjoy!